Classroom & Assembly Area Soldering Tool Sets

Deluxe Soldering Tool Set
Deluxe Soldering Tool Set
Economy Soldering Tool Set
Economy Soldering Tool Set
Part# Soldering Tools Omni Training - IPC Authorized Distributor
Deluxe Soldering Tool Set
Economy Soldering Tool Set
WPB1 Weller Soldering Tip Polishing Bar
WES51 Weller WES51 Analog Soldering Station
WSD81 Weller WSD-81 Digital Soldering Station
WRS3000 Weller WRS Rework Station (unit only)
WRS3000S Weller WRS Rework Station with Hot Air Pencil, Soldering Pencil and Hot Tweezers
WSL Weller WSL Soldering Station
WSLTip Weller WSL Soldering Tips
MT1500 Weller MT1500 Soldering Station
MagLi10 Magnifer Light, 3 Diopter 7.5 x 6.2
MagLi20 Magnifer Light, 3 Diopter 5" round
Vise10 Bench Vice Standard Base
Disp10 Menda Solvent Dispenser
Disp20 Menda Flux Dispenser
ESD10 Desco ESD Wrist Strap
ESD20 Desco 2 layer Disipative Mat 2x3
Chain1 Erem Pliers, Needle, Chain Nose
Round1 Erem Pliers, Round nose
Cut10 Plato Flush Cutters
Cut20 Erem Flush Cutters
TH1 Omni Training Terminal holder
Braid10 Wicking braid
ICTool10 IC Insertion Tool
Aid10 Non-metallic Soldering Aid
Scale10 6" Scale
Loupe10 Magnifying Eye loop 5x
Form10 Axial lead Forming Tool, Red
PenV10 Pen Vac
FluxP10 Flux Pen
SSBulb10 Solder Sucker (Bulb style)
SSPump10 Solder Sucker (Pump)ESD Dissipative
Strip10 Ideal Mechanical Wire Strippers Black
Strip20 Ideal T Strippers Wire Strippers Red
TWEZ10 Plato Cushion Grip Tweezers
Twez20 Tweezers
Brush10 Acid Brush
TipTin10 Kester Tip Tinner (pack of 10ea)

Omni Training now provides one-stop shopping for all the essential tools required to set-up a soldering classroom or assembly area. For years instructors have come to Omni Training for training and equipping, only to return to their company with the challenge of setting up a classroom to perform their required classes. Let us take the challenge out of your job by doing the shopping for you. Our expertise in setting up classrooms will provide you with a menu of tools and equipment from which to choose. All the items can be selected and purchased from one source. We would be honored to be your provider for all of your certification and training services, materials, and tools. Sold as a set, individual piece, or customized.